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Digital documents that share the same characteristics as hard copy print publications that allow end users the best possible experience online and still retain the ability to download a printable copy. We can provide this option to YOUR publication easily and inexpensively and teach your staff how to eimplement this to your website.

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The Benefits of Digital Publishing

Digital publishing delivers huge benefits. No longer does a book, magazine, brochure or newsletter need to be just a flat page of text and images. Now you are able to provide knowledge that can be delivered in a rich and dynamic manner with the inclusion of video, links to external websites, social media interaction.

Digital also delivers substantial cost savings in production costs. With no traditional print overheads, it’s possible to provide publications on niche subjects to audiences of any size very cost effectively. We can help you test a market or subject title before pursuing the more traditional routes.

With the experiential growth in the memory of electronic devices plus the acceleration of network speeds content can be delivered instantaneously, everywhere and anywhere, off and on line.


With over 10 years’ experience building websites along with apps and responsive sites, The Parrots sister company Lite Touch Technologies can give your business a professional web presence in no time. Here are some of our clients:

Dr. Joyce of JVAI

Genesis Salon

JD's Bistro

Charlotte Harbor Super Boat

Landmark Realty

Liberty Private Investigations



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